Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Day

Today was a very long day. We were picked up at the airport around 7 AM local time. We were then taken to SEK Catalunya, our school for the next 4 weeks. We were given a short orientation about the school, getting around on the trains, and what to expect. We were served a light snack consisting of a small sandwich and cookie with coffee or hot tea. Then, we took our bags to our room. There are 4 girls in one building over the secondary school and 4 girls (including me) over the primary school. We dropped our bags off and then went to the town of La Garriga. That is where we will do our quick trips for supplies, dinner, etc. at night. We walked around a bit and saw what they had to offer.
Then, we came back, rested for a little while and went to eat lunch at 2:30. Lunch consisted of a noodle soup (all that I ate), sausage, mashed potatoes (kinda), cabbage and apple salad, fruit, bread, and water. It was an interesting experience. Then, we went on a tour of the school and met our mentor teachers. All seemed nice. We have to meet them at 9:30 the next morning.
Finally, it was time to go back to our rooms for rest. We all crashed for a few hours till we had to meet another group of students from the UK and have sweet bread and champagne. They had all been here a while and were used to how the school was. We all asked each other questions till around 9:30 when we all left to go to bed for the first real time in what seemed like days.

Have a good day!

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