Friday, November 25, 2011


I hope that everyone has had a great Thanksgiving and is super busy right now with Black Friday shopping! I know my family is! All of us WKU'ers and the England GAP students attempted our own Thanksgiving feast last night. We had chicken, potatoes, corn, mac and cheese, and some other stuff. Afterwards, some of the girls enjoyed themselves by showing off their dance moves.

Several of us are leaving for Rome today. I am excited! We fly out tonight from Barcelona and will arrive back in Barcelona on Sunday night.

I woke up this morning somewhat sick. I think I have a cold. I am very achy and have a really sore throat. It hurts to swallow and my glands are swollen. Hopefully, I will feel better before we leave.

I don't have time to post a whole lot, because I am trying to get ready for my first class and packing for this weekend. But I did want to let my peeps know that I gave a presentation about American Geography, twice, to my 1 ESO classes on Friday. They loved it. They asked so many questions. I had never seen either class so well behaved and into the lesson. I must say I was as interactive and animated as I could be. I actually like these middle schoolers. I am going to teach secondary, but I am surprised by how much I like them. Since I talked a lot about the land features of the country and most are natural parks, I got really lucky because I had taken stickers from Mammoth Cave for all the kids. They loved them! I also took SKyTeach ink pens, that change color as they get warmer, and they flipped out! Most of them took two. It was a blast! And then my teacher complimented me on how well the presentation was. He said the students had fun but also learned. (I think that is the goal.) He asked if I would give the presentation to another class, that I don't teach, next week. I said sure! I will try to post the Powerpoint when I get back from Rome.

I am also working on another technology blog for my other teacher, Jordi. It should be up today. I need to interview a few students in class today.

Well, I need to sign off and get moving! It is exactly one month till Christmas! I am so excited!

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