Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I am currently on my lunch break, 2:15 - 3:30. Crazy, huh? After this, I have two more classes, till 5:10ish and then I am done for the day.

Yesterday, since we have mastered the train, we went back to Barcelona. We decided that to get the best view of the city and decide what we want to do next, we would take a double decker tour bus around the area. This was a great idea. For 23 euros, we were able to ride on a tour bus for around 3.5 hours. It showed us all the important tourist stops. Future travelers: I highly recommend this. It will give you an amazing view and let you see all of Barcelona easily instead of walking the whole thing. The best part, that we didn't utilize yesterday, was that the price included unlimited passes to get on and off the bus. At each stop along the way, we could have gotten off, walked around, etc., and then gotten back on the next bus. Another great feature was that there were 2 routes in process right now and the price got us on to both of them. So, after we finished the blue tour, we hopped another bus and visited the Mediterranean Sea coast on the red tour.  To finish our trip in Barcelona, we stopped and ate gelato. Chocolate with chocolate chips...yum! Can anyone tell me the difference between gelato and ice cream. I hope it's healthier!!

Overall, this was a great and lazy day. 

Yes, I took pictures! I will post a link when I get out of school. Also, I am writing a blog posting for my teacher's website (in English) describing what some of the students are doing. I will post the link to that as well, when we finish.

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