Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

I taught my first real lesson today, about prehistory! Well, it wasn't exactly solving linear equations, but I did okay. I made a Prezi. You can find it here.... Prehistory Lesson . The kids were really into the presentation. They liked it. I included a youtube video about Lucy, the skeleton discovered in Ethiopia that is supposed to be an ancient human ancestor. They were excited, and asked many questions at the end. Because of my lack of content knowledge, my teacher stepped in and answered most of them. However, I picked up the slack when the kids wanted to know how tall Lucy was when the video said 3 and a half feet. Familiar with the metric system, this unit was meaningless to them. I did this lesson twice with the 1 ESO students (7th graders).

In my technology classes, two classes were building their robots out of legos today. I have to say, I know what I want for Christmas! They were having so much fun and learning at the same time. Watching the students problem solve, work together, and troubleshoot was awesome! I took lots of video for my teacher. I will try to post some soon. One group had an amazing design for a motorcycle on the accompanying design software. But, when it came time to actually build they ran into the issue of the connecting pieces not holding the desired shape. It was an engineer's dream. I had to stop myself from helping. (I did actually help two girls. They were getting frustrated and I wanted to play. Together, we figured it out.) I wish I could teach a class with legos when I get home. I will have to work on finessing that into the curriculum.

Since today is Wednesday, I wasn't suppose to have class after lunch. But, my geography/history teacher, Jesus, asked if I would give my US Geography presentation to a 2 ESO class right after lunch. I said sure. The kids were about 8th grade and very attentive. They listened and asked questions at the end. Although I talked for about 25 minutes throughout the presentation, I am including the slides so you can see what it looked like (around 2 minutes). US Geography Presentation 

I still do not feel well. I think it is a cold or sinuses. My throat/glands/nose are all messed up. I am trying to stay inside and get plenty of rest to get better. I am also eating a lot of clementines. I am hoping they are loaded with Vitamin C. I have eaten 2 every day this week for lunch. They are so good. That might be something I follow up on when I get back to BG. Also, the cook brought us a bag of chocolate bars tonight! That's awesome!

Well, I am off to try and make a timeline of my life for history class for Friday. We'll chat tomorrow!

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