Thursday, December 1, 2011


I wanted to share with you a glimpse of what my 4 ESO students are doing in technology class. I know I have mentioned how cool the Lego Mindstorm kits are, but I wanted you to see first hand.

This first video is of a group of 3 students just starting to work with the motor and controller. That is my teacher, Jordi, in the striped shirt, showing them how to connect it.

This next video is of a pair of students working on their elevator. The video is after two days of assembling when they hit a roadblock. They were attempting to use gears to transfer the direction of power. But their gears are not matching up and the rod is not rigid enough to hold up the weight. This is problem solving at its best. What you don't see is that in the end, they scratch the idea of gears and go to a simpler pulley system.

And here are just a couple of other pictures of students working (Notice the pink walls, lol). I am also working on another blog entry for the school. I will post sometime in the middle of next week. We don't have school next Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday! I figured it; I only have 6 more school days here...that's crazy! Where has the time gone?

As mentioned, my flat is in the primary building above all the little kids' classrooms. There is nothing more hilarious than in the afternoon, when school is letting out and I am trying to get up to my flat, and am bombarded with 5 year olds barreling down the stairs, each with a rolling backpack. Seriously, are crayons that heavy that they need rolling backpacks?? Too cute! We have joked that most of the little kiddos are under the 50 lb weight limit and could be packed in our luggage.

Also, my mom told that one of my links from yesterday's blog couldn't be watched without a youtube account...sorry for that. If you missed it, go down and try it today. I think I fixed it. It is a quick watch, 2 minutes. US Geography Presentation 

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