Friday, December 2, 2011

Donkeys, Bats, and Chocolate...Oh my!

The week is over! I have to say that I am glad. I am still very sick and want some time to relax. Unfortunately, one of my roommates left us a few days ago due to medical problems. She went back to Kentucky to take care of herself and hopefully get better soon! Then, my other two flatmates left early this morning, headed to Paris! I hope they have a good time. But, with everyone leaving, that leaves me with the flat to myself. I hope the cooks are aware and don't bring me a refrigerator full of food!

Today, I gave my US Geography presentation for the fourth time. My teacher tells me its because its good. Anyways, the kids today were 2 ESO, so 8th graders. These particular students only take courses in Spanish, unlike the majority of the SEK students who take classes in Spanish and English. Therefore, there was definitely a language barrier between us today, yet we pieced the presentation together nicely. I told the students about the Grand Canyon and how some people will ride donkeys down to the bottom of it. First, I had to explain what a donkey was. All I could think of (start laughing now) was "ehh-ahh." I made sounds like a donkey until they understood. Once they understood, they wanted to know, "Why Americans ride donkeys to bottom of canyon?" I laughed and said that some Americans are weird. I also explained that Mammoth Cave has bats. My demonstration of a bat looked more like a chicken, but they got the gist.

While writing this blog entry, the cooks brought the food for the weekend. Apparently, they didn't get the memo that it was just going to be me. I tried to explain to them, but they didn't understand. So, I whipped out Google Translate on my laptop to communicate with them. They read and then said "ohhhh, solo!" They started laughing and making fat faces..ha ha. I guess I am still expected to eat everything. Here are a few pictures of all the food. Anyone want to swing by for dinner?

They thought that there would be two of us here over the weekend...I don't know any two people who could eat all of this in one weekend. I recognized spaghetti, pizza, salad, chicken (in 4 dishes), vegetables, etc. Also, notice two cartons of milk, 8 juice boxes, and a loaf of bread on top of the refrigerator. 

And yet there is more...a plate full of sweets and cakes, fruit, and 2 loaves of bread.

Still not done...everything red is a chocolate bar!

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