Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It has been a quick 4 weeks!

I didn't think I had bought very much, but packing to go home has been more difficult than packing to get here. It seems my stuff has multiplied! I think I have gotten everything packed minus my electronic stuff: computer, phone, chargers, converters, etc. That will all go in my backpack. We are going to run our suitcases down in a few minutes so we will have less to worry with tomorrow.

I wrote my final blog entry for SEK today. It was about my time at SEK and the differences with American schools. The entry can be found at SEK School Blog . If you scroll down, you can read all the ones that I have written (remember, look for the English ones). I also had 2 classes of 1 ESO. They were sad to see me leave. One class even chanted my name as the bell was ringing. Crazy kids!

Overall, today was bittersweet. I have enjoyed my time here and was really starting to form relationships with the students. They are getting use to me. But, I am so glad to be going home in time for the holidays. I am excited about the season and all that it brings. I am looking forward to this Sunday. My family is getting together and we are all going to make and decorate cookies!

I also just heard about my Teacher Work Sample...I got a 4 (out of 4)! I am super excited.

This will probably be my last post from Spain. We are leaving the school at 6:30 in the morning. Our flight out of Barcelona is at 10:15 am. We get to New York City (JFK airport) around 1:15 pm and then have a layover till 5:30 pm. At 5:30, we get on our last flight, that drops us off in Nashville at 7:05 pm. I have to admit, I am excited! I am ready to see my family and friends!

I think I will make my food list now:
Chili (with no beans)
tub of cookie dough from Sam's (with a spoon)
Rafferty's salad (ranch dressing)
lasagna (with meat; no tuna!)
ice water (with ice)
chicken fingers (no specifics)
rice crispies (with milk and sugar)

That should do it for a little while.

Only 11 days till Christmas!

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