Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost Done...

I woke up this morning determined to go to class. I actually made it through all my classes. I didn´t have a class the last hour, so I was done at 4:20.

I am still pretty sick. Jordi asked me today if I were ready to go home. I said yes, so that I can go to the doctor. He said, "oh no! They will think Spain is so bad. You got sick here!" Ha ha...I told him it was the weather and I would have gotten sick anywhere.

Our flight out of Barcelona is at 10:15 AM on Thursday. Our contact here at the school suggested that we get our bags packed and bring them down Wednesday afternoon, so we wont have to deal with them Thursday morning. The taxi is coming at 6:30 Thursday morning. Whew, that will be early since I have gotten used to school starting at 9:30!! So, I guess the rest of my night will be spent trying to relax, pack, and not get any sicker.

Schoolwise, things have been good. Last week, I had the 1 ESO students start doing time lines. It was basically just filler work to get through the holidays, or so I thought. While I was out yesterday and in class today, the teacher allowed them to continue working on their time lines. That makes nearly 3 hours of in class time to do a personal time line! I can't see that flying in most of the schools that I have been to in the US. I thought the excessive time was a little odd.

I forgot to mention this in my Paris post, but getting out of Paris has been the toughest security post yet! I took my shoes and jacket off, pulled out my 3 oz. of liquids, and had my passport ready. Yet, I somehow set off the metal detector when I went through it and my bag set off another detector. I had to be patted down and my bag was gone through by a security person. I was never sure why I got patted down, but my toothpaste didn't make it into my ziplock baggie, so they had to check on it.

Well, I am off for a nap and then to start packing. Adios!

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